1.4 Golf CL - 5 Door - £195

1.4 Golf CL – 5 Door – £195

This weeks ‘buy of the week’ sees a bargain! Who needs power and torque anyway, all that does is push up insurance premiums and fuel costs. No, we’ll be having none of that here. We’re looking at this lovely 1993 1.4 Golf CL, with a very practical 5 doors for all those passengers who will undoubtedly be queuing down your street for a spin in the latest addition to your driveway. Sporting a very racey 60bhp this little Golf has only managed 77,000 miles in its 21 year life time, a mere pittance when you consider the mileage on some its bigger, GTI styled, brothers.

This little VW also seems to have been well cared for over its lifetime with no rust or rot to be seen anywhere on the bodywork, only a few very small scabs appearing on the boot lid, or is that camera trickery, some dirt on the lens perhaps? It is sporting a battle scar on the rear arch where the seller casually states that he ‘clipped’ a fence post, but if this is its only fault on the bodywork then perhaps it can be forgiven. After all, the car is only a mere £195.

Mechanically, everything seems reasonable and having power steering will make easy work of those tight car park spaces. The seller does point out the car will need a new centre section on its exhaust, but then remind yourself. How much are you paying? Oh yes, £195 and with £40 or there abouts buying a new centre box, again, it can be forgiven. Especially with the list of parts the seller claims to have had changed in the last two months – new spark plugs, new ignition coil, new HT leads, new ignition switch, new rocker gasket and a rebuilt throttle body. Engine wise, all seems well then. As long as he has the paperwork to back it all up, that is.

As for the interior, all seems well. There do not appear to be any rips in seats or blood stains on the carpet. Windy windows are also a feature so think of the car as not only a mode of transport, but also a multi-gym offering a range of workouts whilst driving. It’s also one less electronic feature to have to worry about failing.

Complete with two keys, a CD player and with only two previous owners its cheap motoring at its best. Its major downfall, no tax or MOT meaning it can’t simply be jumped into and driven but at £195, can you really resist?

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