1.8 Golf CL Auto

1.8 Golf CL Auto

I want you to take a moment and think of expense, cleanliness and purity. Now take the words and the associations and think of a colour that exhibits what your thinking of. Got the colour? Good! If you thought of white then you win a prize! Not really, but you got it right. White screams expense. White says finesse. White is class and at the moment, is a very popular colour.

This weeks Mk3 Golf is just that. White, and more specifically, it’s a white 1997 1.8 CL with an autobox, its just shy of GTI power without the high insurance cost. Only covering a staggering 59,000 miles, this Golf has less mileage than most 5-year-old second hand cars. So it has an autobox, rather than the preferred manual but slushmatics have their advantages. Great for the commute and running around in the city or even on motorway runs, just sink the right foot and let the car worry about the gear changes. What’s not to love?

All round electrics with a clean interior and immaculate bodywork all work in this Golf’s favour. There are don’t appear to be any gremlins hiding in the usual rust areas, but then photos can lie. A proper inspection is required.

Coming with MOT and Tax for the next two weeks, just jump in and go. The fella selling seems confident it’s a good Golf too, stating that any trail is welcome but I doubt he means any test. I wouldn’t have thought its waterproof, for example, so don’t attempt to take it through water. I once did that in a Renault Clio and I’m pretty sure it still had part of the Six Mile Water in the drivers fog light when I sold it about 6 months later. In fact take that as my top tip. Don’t drive Renaults through water. The electrics didn’t like it.

Sorry, I digress, back to this Mk3. It looks pretty decent and at £595 I’m sure you could do a whole lot worse. Personally, I really like it, even down to the original 14” steels and centres. All in all, a very affordable and usable future classic.

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