1.8 Golf Variant GL TDI

1.8 Golf Variant GL TDI

So you’ve just had a small addition to your family and need something with space, or maybe you’ve decided that you want the option of being able to transport a body in something inconspicuous yet easy on fuel.

Well we have the Golf for you! This week we’ve spied a lovely little Mk3 Golf Variant! This was the first generation of estates available that were based on the Golf. Rolling from the factory in 1997 whilst R Kelly played on the radio, this Golf has only clocked up 94k miles, not bad when you consider the age.

The bodywork looks great with no apparent rust and colour coded. Finished with alloys, twin lamp headlights and front fogs, this Golf has everything going for it.

Now for some of great points of this great find! It’s a GL. For the uninitiated that means its one of the higher spec models and sports and comes with, wait for it, electric windows, electric sunroof, central locking and airbags for the front seats. Power steering and adjustable steering wheel are also featured. With this being a Variant it also has the usual roof rails and the standard anti theft immobliser. All great points that clump together to make a very temping purchase.

This moves me onto the MPG and the fuel. This Mk3 runs the devils oil, known to you and me as diesel. However, for the power that you potentially are sacrificing, you gain in economy and should see you hitting upwards of 55 mpg out on the open road and about 45 mpg in and around the town. I don’t care how you package that you can’t be bad to it! If you’re a performance nut you’ll want to sit down for this bit. This Golf puts out a mind-boggling 90bhp with a top speed of 109mph. Ok so these aren’t exactly VR6 figures but the Golf is a TDI so you can fettle with the turbo and get some more boost if that’s what gets you up full mast but as is, it’s a perfectly driveable daily.

This Variant currently has MOT until January of 2015 and Tax until October this year so this needs nothing for a few months yet. Complete with part service history, you would only be the fourth owner of this lovely Variant. Coming in at £800, and the seller using the word ‘offers’, chance you arm and see of you can get it for less.

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