Golf GTI - £795

Golf GTI – £795

Originality. It’s a word that’s often used to hide, well, rusty lumps of excrement that should be scrapped that are often accompanied with phrases and words like ‘honest’, ‘great example’ and ‘bags of personality’. These phrases, generally the same as the cars they describe, are worn out, over the hill and ‘require work’.

Normally, I look at anything that has these phrases in its description with disdain however this weeks’ buy of week caught my eye. Granted, it doesn’t use all of the key phrases highlighted, but it uses the odd one and reads as though it should have. Described as a ‘great example’ this Golf may just buck the trend.

With only 93k this Golf GTI is fresh from the factory, or as close as a 17 year old VW can be! For those who are mathematically challenged, that makes it a 1997 and it comes with a full years MOT and tax until the end of August. This makes it a Go-Kart, just jump in and go! Described as a ‘great sporty car that goes well’, I’m sure that 50% of that sentence is a lie. Yes it’s a GTI and yes, if it were 1979 that would make me think sporty but its 2014 and it’s a 1997 car. Sporty it is not, however, fast road car that it is understated, yes it is.

With that in mind you won’t arouse the trouser tent that sets your pants on fire but it will get you from A to B faster than your neighbour, old Jim, in his 10 year old Fiesta. This Golf is an appreciating, dare I say, classic, that will get harder to find as time goes on and at an advertised £950 it could be on the dear side but if you squint at the photo of the front you’ll see a sign for £795 making it more attractive.

All in all this looks like a very useable 1997 Golf GTI that isn’t a vast amount of money. If the bodywork is as good as the photos show and the seller describes then all could be well! The mileage seems correct with no real wear being evident on the drivers seat so the bodywork *should be* reasonable in the worst instance.

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