Username – Snozan

I only had one plan, and one plan only with this car. First off. This wasn’t supposed to be a “summer car”. I loved to much to drive it that i couldn’t put it away for winter. Second. To make it OEM. You don’t see many Mk3 these days stock. The GTI is already styled enough (is styled an english word?). So everything got thrown away, tail lights, fog lights front indicators etc. I only saved the headlights (for now, am gonna swap these to Hella).

This is how the car looks now. Dosen’t look like i have done much. But there is. I only let a VAG workshop repair and change parts. it has new coil springs OEM, new rear bushings. New brakes (all 4 of them and a lot of other things i cant remember tbh. Have a hole binder with receipts. Some say am crazy (well not my VW friends, they know). But instead of having a boring new car, i have the last real GTI VW made with a naturally aspirated engine.

At this moment the car has went 131730 miles. My goal is 248548 miles before i have the engine checked over!

 I had other Mk3 that was lowered and 17 inch wheels. But i kinda like the “15. And it fits perfect since am going for OEM (+) sincer the wheels isn’t the ones that came from factory. But i really love these ones. And am thinking of getting the heat up thing to the windshield washers from a Vr6 to make it the perfect MK3: ABF, Recaros in leather (and heating). Electric windows, and Climatronic (however, at the moment it dosen’t work, but i’ll have that one fixed as well when i can afford it).